Newks Chicken Salad: The Secret Behind the Famous Dish


Newks Chicken Salad has the right combination of delicate chicken, apples, almonds, and more. The chicken salad is wonderful either on its own or as part of a sandwich. It’s a simple chicken salad recipe that’s also a delicious treat. It’s based on the dish served at Newks restaurant.

Customers at Newks would never leave without purchasing a container of this famous chicken salad to take home with them. If you can’t make it to a Newks store, make a batch of Newks chicken salad to discover what all the fuss is about.

Making Newks Chicken Salad

The Newks chicken salad is one of my favourites. It’s quite simple to prepare and can be served as a light meal or dinner. This meal is not only tasty, but it is also quite healthful! Let’s get started on the newks chicken salad dish after gathering all of the components.


Chicken without bones, 12 cup Red grapes (seedless), 12 cup Mayonnaise, 12 cup Sour cream, 1 cup Yellow mustard paste, 1 – 12 tsp Parsley (chopped), 2 teaspoon Onion, 12 teaspoon Garlic powder, 12 teaspoon Sugar, 2 teaspoon Salt and pepper (to taste).


Step 1

Make tiny slices of boneless meat. After that, combine the chicken, celery, and chopped onions in a mixing dish.

Step 2

Combine the ingredients for a few seconds before adding the halved red grapes. Combine all of the ingredients and top with salt.

Step 3

To prepare the salad gravy, combine mayo and pepper in a separate mixing dish. For a creamy hue and sizzling flavour, combine the sour cream and mustard paste.

Step 4

Mix the spices and onion powder into the mayonnaise. For an added tang of flavour, add chopped parsley and garlic powder.

Step 5

Add the prepared chicken and vegetable combination to the gravy bowl and whisk for a few minutes. Cover and put the salad in the fridge for a few hours.

Step 6

Now that the wonderful homemade chicken salad is finished, it can be served with rice or crackers.

Chicken Salad Cooking Instructions

To make the tastiest chicken salad, make sure the flavour of the chicken doesn’t get lost among all the other components. That implies the way of cooking the chicken is critical.

Poaching the chicken is suggested in many recipes as the finest way to prepare it. While this procedure helps to keep the chicken moist, it leaves the meat soggy and unpalatable. This innovative (yet simple) procedure that combines precise sauteing and steaming is a superior option.

Begin by taking the chicken from the refrigerator. Lay a sheet of cling wrap on a cutting board while it comes to room temperature. Place the chicken on the chopping board and cover with another layer of cling wrap. Gently pound the chicken into a uniform thickness with a meat pounder or a rolling pin. If you hit too hard, the meat will tear and chicken juice will squirt all over your kitchen!

Newks Chicken Salad Recipe

Over medium-high heat, heat a large saute pan large enough to hold all of the chicken in a single layer. Season the chicken generously with salt and pepper on both sides while the pan heats up. When the pan is heated, drizzle with enough olive oil to coat the bottom and add the chicken.

Cook for one minute, then flip the chicken over and lower the heat to low. Set a timer for 10 minutes and cover the pan. When the timer goes off, turn off the heat but leave the pan covered for another 10 minutes. Remove the lid when the timer goes off, and the chicken should be nicely cooked but not dried out.

Allow the chicken to cool before placing it in the refrigerator for at least an hour before creating the chicken salad.

Serving Suggestions for Chicken Salad

Here are two delicious ways to serve chicken salad with grapes and pecans:

  • Toasting or grilling the bread slices for a sandwich will help keep them from becoming soggy.
  • Add any cold, cooked short pasta to the chicken salad to make it into a pasta salad.

How to Keep Chicken Salad Fresh

Refrigerate any leftover chicken salad in an airtight container for up to three days.

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