The Hans Sloane Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Competition

AuntSandras_2x1-748x374At the Hans Sloane Chocolate & Fine Food Festival we always like to encourage young bakers and this year again we will have our Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Competition. Simply encourage your young ‘Bake-Off Champion’ to find a recipe for chocolate chip cookies and have a go at baking a batch. Then before the whole lot are scoffed down, pick out the best three, pop them in a bag along with your name and a contact telephone number and bring them along to our Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Competition. Judging and winners will be announced both days at 4pm from the Food NI Demonstration Kitchen Stage. On both days there will be prizes for the 1st and 2nd as decided by our judges. Why not have a go and make some yummy cookies to eat yourself!    

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