Walking tour announced

The History of Hans Sloane to come to life in Killyleagh!



Clive Scoular is a historian whose brain is crammed full of knowledge and interesting facts and stories of Sir Hans Sloane and other historical figures from Killyleagh’s past.  Clive has lived in Killyleagh for a long time and he graduated MSSc from Queens in 1996 which led him into teaching or as Clive likes to call it “sharing information with adults and young people about our country’s exciting history”. He has given hundreds of talks on Ireland’s 19th and 20th century history in the last 20 years and has also written a dozen books. See www.clivescoular.com.

Since the year 2010, the 350th anniversary of Sir Hans Sloan’s birth, Clive has taken on the persona and role of a “living Hans Sloane”. Dressed in his bespoke period costume, Clive becomes Sir Hans and relives the boyhood days of the eminent Historian and Physician, taking locals and visitors on unique tours around Killyleagh to visit the places he spent time in whilst developing his collections– libraries, churches, the rocky seashore and the like.  

The Hans Sloane walking tour will take one hour and is a pleasant, easy walk starting at the castle gate, down Frederick Street past the birthplace of Sir Hans, crossing over to Church Hill and the Church of Ireland, through to Hans Sloane Square and back up Plantation Street before finishing up again at the front of Killyleagh Castle.

Come and hear all about one of Northern Ireland’s true legends and a world renowned historical figure in science and medicine as well as the founder of The British Museum, which is founded on the enormous collections Hans Sloane began as a boy in Killyleagh and continued during his travels as an adult. Sir Hans even brought chocolate to Europe in the 1680s! During his lifetime he was both President of the Royal Society, succeeding Sir Isaac Newton, and President of the Royal College of Physicians.

Clive’s Sir Hans Sloane tours will leave from the front gate of the castle at 1pm and 3pm for the duration of Finnebrogue Artisan Hans Sloane Chocolate & Fine Food Festival, Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September at Killyleagh Castle and are free of charge. Groups are limited to 25 participants. To register your interest in joining the tour, email contact@hanssloane.com