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Sir Hans Sloane in Killyleagh today.

Sir Hans Sloane is part of both the historical and cultural life of the village of his birthplace, Killyleagh. Hans Sloane went to London, Paris and Orange to study medicine and natural sciences when he was nineteen and eventually lived in a large house in Chelsea which was bought to house his burgeoning scientific collections, much brought home from his extensive travels. The collections became the corner stone of the British Museum and today when you visit the museum, the first thing you will see on entering the building, is a bust of Hans himself. One of his direct descendents, Lord Cadogan of London is the generous benefactor whose continued support has enabled the Sloane 350 Committee to host the annual Sloane Scientific Lecture each April. This normally occurs on, or as close as possible to Sloan’s birthday, April 16th. The lecture topic varies with each year but it is always highly enjoyable and educational. The aim is to promote the name of Sir Hans Sloane and the public understanding of science. Of late we have had world class scientists as speakers on topics of broad interest. Topics have ranged from “The secret sex life of plants: A floral Kama Sutra” given by Prof. Simon Hiscock to “Taking dog breeding to extremes – endangering man’s best friend” given by Dr. Lisa Collins. Visiting speakers have come from universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, St. Andrews and Queens University Belfast. The Hans Sloan Lecture has been an annual event since 2000. The lecture series started after Prof. Robert Elwood, a resident of Killyleagh obtained funding from the Millennium Commission in 2000 for two years. Killyleagh Development Association also funded and then application was made to the Cadogan Charity. We warmly thank Lord Cadogan for his generosity over the past seven years. We have also held a number of musical evenings as part of the birthday celebrations and we hope to do so again in 2015. It is with great pride and appreciation that the Sloane 350 Group continues to commemorate and celebrate Sir Hans Sloane, made possible by the munificent financial assistance from Lord Cadogan.

The Hans Sloane Scientific Lecture Series, Killyleagh.
Prof. Robert Elwood (QUB): The difference between males and females
Prof. Robert Elwood (QUB): The history of chocolate
Sir Patrick Bateson (Cambridge): Sloane, Science and the Royal Society
Prof. Tim Guilford (Oxford): How pigeons navigate
Prof. Robert Elwood (QUB): Sexual conflict between males and females
Dr. Robert Paxton (QUB): Understanding the social life of bees
Prof. Andrew Slater (St. Andrews): Bird Song
Prof. Chris Shaw (QUB): Finding new pharmaceuticals from frog skin
Prof. Tim Birkhead (Sheffield): The evolution of sexually selected characters
Prof. Jaimie Dick (QUB): Invasive species in Ireland
Prof. Robert Elwood (QUB): Investigating pain in animals
Prof. Nicky Clayton (Cambridge): Animal intelligence
Dr. Tim Littlewood (Natural History Museum London): Sloane’s contribution to museums and science
Dr. Lisa Collins (QUB): Breeding dogs to extremes
Prof. Simon Hiscock (Bristol): The secret sex life of plants: A floral Kama Sutra


September 19th to 21st The Hans Sloane Chocolate & Fine Food Festival

Now a three day event with even more food, more chocolate and more fun!

Please check back soon to see full schedule and details for each event.

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