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News Flash

Save these Dates!

2014 is here at last and we are pleased to announce the events scheduled to take place this year in Killyleagh, to commemorate and celebrate one of Northern Ireland’s most famous legends, Sir Hans Sloane. Hans was born in Killyleagh on April 16th 1660 and he lived and studied in the village until he was nineteen. He went on to become the King’s physician and a scientist of world renown, but best of all he invented the recipe for milk chocolate which we know and love today!

Wednesday, April 16th Annual Hans Sloane Lecture

September 19th to 21st The Hans Sloane Chocolate & Fine Food Festival

Now a three day event with even more food, more chocolate and more fun!

Please check back soon to see full schedule and details for each event.

With grateful thanks to the Rowan Hamilton Family without whose on-going generosity, our events could not take place.